Finally I was able to put an amazing picnic table top to use for my own greedy purposes. During the summer I came across a dumpster in my neighborhood that I just had to dive in. After throwing a few things around, I uncovered a picnic bench that had the legs sawed off. When I flipped the table over it’s beauty was revealed to me. Before being painted turquoise, and white and just sealed with a urethane, this table looked like it was a chopping block for large pieces of wood. With 1/4″ gouges possibly made with a hatchet, this thing had amazing character before taking into account the white and 60s era turquoise. 

Obviously I was going to do nothing but lightly sand and seal the top. However, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for the base. When I started thinking, I remembered that my lovely wife Maggie had taken a picture of a rustic table that incorporated oversized legs at some coffee shop somewhere. It was precisely at that moment that I realized that railroad ties would be the jam!

A day (and some serious heavy lifting) later, I present to you the priceless dumpster table! 

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