Epoxy Desk

Day One I met with the client today to get an idea of what she wanted. In essence she wanted a standing desk that also had the option to sit if she became fatigued which, I had read, was an inevitability. Before leaving, I took custom measurements of both the...

Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Day One I've been asked by a client here in Littleton to make a reclaimed wood head board. I'm really excited about this project because it's an opportunity to do some decor work. Recently, I acquired some reclaimed wood from a home in the Broad Ridge neighborhood of Littleton, CO....

Taos Project Day 3

The clients arrived and were absolutely amazed with the final product. They were originally going to put the end table in their guest bedroom but after seeing the final product, they chose to feature it in their bedroom where they spend more time.  Success!

Taos Project Day 2

Today I was able to track down some beetle kill pine wood with excellent character. I thought this would fit very well with the Taos table so I set off to work. In my opinion, a great way to showcase the wood would be to make a butcher block finish...

Taos End Table

I've recently been tasked by a client in the Taos Valley to build an end table with some southwestern tiles that they purchased. This will be the first time that I have utilized tiles for a piece so I am very excited.