So I had a client call me up and ask that I make her a desk top that she would rest on white wooden file cabinets. The trick was that she wanted the surface to be made of reclaimed wood, but still be smooth enough to write on.

I decided that planing off a little of the surface would make writing feasible while still retaining some of the character.

I cut a the plywood to mount the wood to in addition to the reclaimed wood and now it was time to plane the reclaimed wood. As it started coming through the planer it looked like all the character was coming off and was a little nervous. As I got a few more pieces through, I realized that I was creating an entirely new design. All of the wood, despite loosing the majority of the weathered colors, had mazing veins of grey and black. I knew immediately that this project was going to turn out great (and it did).

The photos didn’t turn out near as great as the piece did but check them out and let me know what you think.

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