Day One

I met with the client today to get an idea of what she wanted. In essence she wanted a standing desk that also had the option to sit if she became fatigued which, I had read, was an inevitability. Before leaving, I took custom measurements of both the client (height of elbow with sitting and standing, preferred chair height, etc) and her existing desk which she felt was a good size, to ensure a superior fit.

Day Two

I just picked up some reclaimed wood from the Littleton, CO Farm and Museum that will work perfectly for the desktop portion of this project. This wood holds a special meaning for the client because, at the time of the museum’s dedication, she was a city council member who participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Given the rough nature of the reclaimed wood, I felt it best to seal the top of the desk in a thick layer of epoxy so I went to the woodworking store to pick some up.

Day Three

This piece was a lot of work but well worth it. The epoxy wasn’t behaving at first but after a little time it really came out amazing!

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