Recently, A client of mine asked if I did custom kitchen islands. She wanted something functional yet different because her kitchen was too wide open. This was a chance for me to make a version of an island I came across once upon a time. My goal was to incorporate some modern elements while keeping the traditional flair of the island I had once seen. I got together with my trusty welder to see what we could do to spice up the design. After a long discussion we decided that a stainless steel top would add functionality with a modern twist.

We hammered out the details, and I went back to my client to see how we could incorporate a little old fashioned style to complete the piece. After a little discussion she decided that having a fixed island wasn’t her thing and wanted to incorporate wheels. However, she just refinished her floors and wanted to make sure they wouldn’t get scratched. After finding some antique-looking 5″ castors with a rubber coating to eliminate scratches, the look was complete.

When the client saw the finished product, she said it was exactly what she wanted. I must say, despite it’s simplicity, this may be my favorite piece I have ever made. I hope it is your’s too!

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