Are wood legs making a comeback? Some reading this article may wonder if wood legs were ever out of style. While I can understand this question, it’s my job as a furniture designer and maker to be aware of what direction furniture styles are heading and from where they came.

In terms of current furniture design, I would say that the mixed-media style of tables comprised of welded metal legs with a wood top has been the most in-vouge look for the last 7-10 years. I myself have been a huge fan of this style. I really like the simple elegance of a walnut top with an oil based finish on 2 simple square metal legs. The problem with this look is that you see it around so frequently. As a result, the look that used to feel uniquely sophisticated has lost a little of its pizzazz.

That being said, as I look beyond the noise of so many opinions I start to see preferences trending in another direction. I’m sure you  remember several years back hearing that brass was making a comeback. You probably thought to yourselves: “There is no way in hell I’m going to have my house look like the 80s”. Now, you see it everywhere. Even reclaimed wood had a moment where people wondered if it was some bad joke only to have it adopted everywhere. The point is, styles are constantly changing. We can choose to stay with what we love and, honestly, most people do. But for those who are interested in where things are going, you may want to look around.

A brief perusal of Vogue Living or Architectural Digest magazines will reveal a subtle shift back toward some traditional looks that few would have predicted 2 years ago. Of course, these designs aren’t completely true to traditional styles – similar to fashion, furniture design seems to borrow some things and leave others. What I’m seeing a lot of is wood tables with “massive legs” – turned wood legs that appear to have large bulbs stacked on top of each other like a string of different sized pearls.

Now this may not be your cup of tea. Whether readers choose to follow and/or adapt to changes in home decor is completely up to them – we all have preferences that tend to resonate with us. It’s my job as an artist to inform my clients of these changes so they can make the most informed decisions.

I believe this is why Board & Bolt has been in business for so long. Our clients know that we are proficient in so many genres that, no matter what direction furniture is trending, we have the skill, knowledge and experience to meet their needs – now or 10 years from now.

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