Custom Desks in the Denver Area

Chances are, you’ve arrived at this page because you are shopping for a desk. Custom desks are by far our most requested type of furniture to build. We have extensive experience building every desk imaginable from simple single drawer desks to elaborate custom executive desks.

As more and more people work from home, more of us are looking to create a work space that is uniquely ours. It’s now more important than ever that our home offices not just serve as a place where spreadsheets are built and deadlines are met, but one where ideas flourish and goals are crushed.

At Board & Bolt, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. All of our clients are unique individuals with unique functional and design needs. With this in mind, each desk comes with your choice of style genre in addition to drawer configuration. Although the possibilities are endless, the primary styles we offer are: live edge desks, farmhouse desks, industrial style desks, modern desks and rustic desks. To compliment the style, choose from any number of drawer configurations from a simple single drawer to up to 12 map-style drafting drawers.

Form and function are important but so is the quality of the work. With that in mind, each of our desks are made from kiln-dried, grade-A lumber that undergoes a rigorous inspection before being selected for our desks . We craft every drawer from hardwoods using dovetail joinery resulting in strong and beautiful furniture that will last for many lifetimes. Our uncompromising commitment to using only the best materials ensures that each desk is of the highest quality.

All of our desks are made in the USA, from the welded legs to the dovetail drawers. Whether you are looking for a custom desk in Denver or around the US, we deliver locally and ship nationwide.

The Madison

The Madison Desk Model draws its inspiration from the traditional desk design with its clean and uncomplicated look echoing the less-is-more philosophy. The great American transcendentalist writers of the mid 1800s inspired this desk.

When contemplating a design, I was imagining a place where creativity could flourish, unencumbered by unnecessary details. The Madison is preferred by clients that seek a space with a simple look and simple storage. This desk comes with your choice of top, legs and a single drawer for document and supply storage. Pictured is the Madison Desk with a walnut live edge top and black metal legs.

As always, this desk model is fully customizable for your needs and space.

The Loft

The Loft Desk Model is a great balance between form and function. Pictured is the industrial style of the loft desk (other styles are available). It is inspired by early 1900’s industrial districts from around the country with their plaster-covered brick walls and rough hewn beams. With a top made from recycled railcar flooring and metal trim, it truly embodies the spirit of the industrial revolution. Sporting three large, 8″ deep drawers, this desk is ideal for people who need storage but don’t need a large variety of drawer sizes.

Pictured is a modern industrial version of the Loft Desk Model with an optional metal frame. This model is also fully customizable for your needs and space.


Sometimes, our customers want to take the creative reigns and design the desk of their dreams. Virtually no material or design is off the table with our custom desks. Tell us what you want or take from one of the featured desk models and build on it. Make it your own. Contact us today and we’ll bring it to life!

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