Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, choosing to order a custom piece furniture can be a daunting task. Finding the right craftsman, choosing the correct design and selecting materials can make the whole process seem not worth it. Hopefully, we can help make the process easier by answering some frequently asked questions.

What is reclaimed wood?

A. Reclaimed wood is aged recycled lumber harvested from its original structure. Salvage lumber is sourced from various sources, such as barn wood, beams and structural timbers of buildings, cargo flooring, and wine barrels to name a few. Every piece of reclaimed wood is unique, and carries its own story along with character and sophistication.

What does live edge mean?

A. The term live edge refers to a cut of lumber that, instead of having a straight edge like a 2X4, actually has the natural edge of the tree. Live edge tables frequently have bark and or stubs from limbs still on them.

What is industrial style furniture?

A. Industrial furniture is a design style influenced by the growth in popularity of lofts located in former factories or warehouses. Hallmarks of this style are the use of raw or reclaimed steel in conjunction with reclaimed wood. An example would be virtually any piece of furniture that incorporates I-Beams.

Do you do custom event furniture and decor?

A. We love to make custom event furniture! We currently do quite a bit of work with several event companies in town and are always open to new relationships. We have made furniture for events at Mile High Stadium, fashion shows and block parties at the Denver Pavilions to name a few. No event is too big or too small.

Is modern or industrial furniture expensive?

A. Virtually any type of furniture can be either cheap or expensive. What really impacts the overall price is how well it is built. One phrase that really sums up this point is “Skilled labor isn’t cheap and cheap labor isn’t skilled.”

Does Board & Bolt make furniture with concrete?

A. While we are experienced in many furniture styles, we love the fact that we are one of the few concrete furniture makers in Denver. Whether you need a concrete countertop, table or vanity we’ve got you covered.

How long is the process for creating custom reclaimed furniture?

A. Each and every product created at Board & Bolt is unique and varies based on the detail and complexity of each request. We specialize in custom made furniture and every project is handcrafted with detail, durability and dedication.

Is reclaimed wood furniture rough to the touch?

A. There are many options with regard to the texture of reclaimed wood furniture. Sanding the wood and applying a urethane can dramatically reduce the roughness and likelihood of getting splinters. That being said, it’s best not to sand all of the texture off or you just have plain old wood!

Can you write on reclaimed wood? Or, better put, can my kids do homework on a reclaimed wood table?

A. I wish there was an easy answer to this question, but the truth is a little more nuanced. While it is possible to have a smooth reclaimed wood surface, what actually gives barnwood its character is texture and texture negatively impacts a surface’s writability. That being said, like the answer to another question in this section, we can greatly improve a surfaces smoothness by sanding a little and putting a lot of urethane on the top.

What finish do you put on metal to protect it?

A. While there are many options to protecting metal, we like to put on a lacquer because it is light and doesn’t affect the appearance of the metal.

What are my options for finishing metal?

A. The most common finish for the metals are a lacquer. That being said, we can powder coat the metal as well. The options for powder coating run the gamut from any metallic-looking finish to all the colors of the rainbow.

What is raw steel?

A. Raw steel is steel that is neither polished nor painted; It is steel in its raw form. Raw steel has a scaly texture to it that goes well with many styles including farmhouse, modern and industrial.

Are there any other unique pieces of furniture you do?

A. We certainly try to be diverse in the things that we build. That being said, we have been making quite a few custom fly tying tables in Denver. We are passionate anglers at Board & Bolt and are super excited to be a part of the Rocky Mountain fly fishing scene.