The purpose of buying a custom piece of furniture is to get exactly what you want. Maybe you’ve found a table you like in the store but you want it to be circular. Maybe you have the shape you want but the style is off. Whatever the reason, the purpose of custom furniture makers is to make the perfect bed for the Goldy Locks’ of the world.

Recently, we were working on a table for a client that wanted a particular color for a table top naturally. This meant no stain or coloring agent. With recent shortages, we had been having a difficult time sourcing a reclaimed wood that would achieve that color without stain. We told the client the situation we were facing and she was totally understanding. We settled on a stain color that would still achieve the look she wanted and we purchased the wood.

Later that week, when communicating with one of our suppliers we found out that they had recently purchased some reclaimed cypress but were almost out of it. Being expert furniture makers, we knew that, with an oil-based stain, cypress would give us that exact “honey” color that the client wanted. Despite having already purchased the wood and our supplier being an hour and a half away we told them to put a hold on in and ran out the door!

After planing the boards, the woods’ true beauty presented itself. We put the finish on it and it was EXACTLY the color she wanted. When we unveiled it to her, she cupped her hand to her mouth and said, “It’s exactly how I envisioned it”!

This is how you make Goldy Locks happy! You know your craft and you know your client. If you’re looking for a partner you can trust to make a piece that’s “just right” for you, look no further than Board & Bolt!

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