Since our relocation from Denver to the hills outside of Boulder, CO four years ago, we have been crafting our distinct furniture in a small shop under less-than-ideal conditions.
It speaks not only to our grit, but also to our personality as a furniture company.

For years, I had been reluctant to have visitors to our shop out of embarrassment. I wondered if potential clients would see our humble shop and make judgements about our abilities as furniture makers. But job after job, I was reminded that our clients actually crave the authenticity found in our small shop. They smell the sawdust and varnish and think of an uncle, father or grandfather that had their own small shop passionately crafting beautiful pieces of furniture. Those that don’t share the same nostalgia sense the passion oozing from every wall and piece of equipment.

You may be wondering: So why leave your quaint little woodworking shop in the mountains? The simple answer is that more and more clients in the Denver and Boulder area are wanting custom furniture that reflects the heart of a small shop. Given that our current trajectory is unsustainable in the existing shop, it is imperative that we embrace all that got us to this point:

-1. Knowing that we are an art studio, not a traditional business.
-2. Treating out employees like family.
-3. Focusing on one piece of furniture at a time.

By focusing on these things, beauty will trump deadlines, quality will take precedence over profit and all will be done in a fun environment.
We are looking forward to this next step in our evolution and we won’t forget where we came from.


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