Things to Ask Before Buying a Custom Barn Door

  1. Do you install?

    If so, how do you ensure that this heavy object is installed in a way that will last a lifetime.

  2. How much experience do you have making decorative barn doors?

    As simple as they may seem, there are many ways that they can go wrong from racking to warping and everything in between. Choosing an experienced craftsman can reduce the chance of having issues.

  3. Is the door made out of kiln dried wood?

    If not, steer clear! Barn doors are notorious for warping and making sure they are made out of kiln dried wood helps to ensure this doesn’t happen.

  4. What hardware do you plan on using?

    Many people just use generic tracks that have the holes pre-drilled. This is a big no-no. There is never a time that the holes actually match up with the studs in the wall. If you use a track with pre-drilled holes, it will inevitably fail.

  5. Do you have experience with different styles?

    Many people have experience with custom built barn doors that are rustic looking but what about modern or industrial? Your house will dictate what style of sliding barn door works and it’s best to make sure the barn door maker can design one for any style of home.

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