How to Maximize Space in Retail Locations

  1. Go Vertical

    Think of every square inch of your location as needing to earn the rent. For example, in a boutique, you can mount fixtures for hanging clothes on the wall going vertical with one hanging rack on top of the other. Sometimes customers will need help accessing that upper tier but this is a good thing. Now they are interacting with a sales associate who can help guide them to what they are looking for.

  2. Use Rolling Carts

    Rolling carts give you tremendous flexibility in how you display your products. You can butt two carts together for large sales and then separate them as needed. Also, rolling carts give you options when it comes to the layout of the store if you need to refresh the look.

  3. Use Multiple Tiers

    Having displays with 2 or more levels capitalizes on the idea of making every square inch pay for itself. We frequently make carts with three tiers with the bottom usually displaying jeans, the middle displaying shirts and the top level (usually smaller than the rest) displaying jewelry or other accessories curated specifically to match the tops.

  4. Get Creative

    We once came across a cool antique table at a garage sale and knew we had to put it to use at a boutique we were working on. We cut it into pieces and mounted them to the wall like floating shelves and displayed shoes on them going up the wall. It really brought a fun vibe to the store!

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