4 Reasons Buying Custom Furniture is Better Than Shopping a Big Box Store

  1. Quality Construction

    take a look under almost every dining table from Room and Board to Restoration hardware and you will see plywood. They glue thin boards to a substrate like plywood to avoid having to do the time consuming work of properly milling and joining the boards together while trying to make it look like it’s a solid wood table. Unless the application absolutely necessitates it, we will never use plywood or cheap joinery techniques like using pocket screws and other corner cutting procedures.

  2. No Compromises

    Purchasing from Board & Bolt means you get exactly what you want. It’s rare that a furniture company will have the exact style table in the exact size you are looking for. When you go with a custom furniture builder, you don’t have to compromise because every table is made to order.

  3. Reliability

    Big Box Furniture stores don’t take regional climate into account when they sell each piece and, frequently, the pieces end up failing because of warping and wood movement when they are shipped from one climate to another. Every region has unique climates that need to be taken into consideration when choosing wood and designing furniture. Board & Bolt does this.

  4. Warranty

    We stand behind all of our products and provide a 10 year workmanship warranty on everything we sell.

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