Custom Reclaimed Wood Walls Are A Great Accent For Your Space

Never underestimate the power of a decorative wood wall! They do a great job of making modern homes more contemporary and farmhouses more rustic. Have a space that is just plain boring and no amount of decorating or artwork will bring it to life? Sounds like a perfect application for a reclaimed wood wall! Schedule a time with one of our consultants using the form below to see if a wood accent wall is right for you.

Custom Interior Barn Doors & Other Wood Décor

At Board & Bolt, we’ve been designing, creating, and installing custom interior barn doors in houses since before they became such a popular option. Today, interior barn doors aren’t just a way to close off a room or section of your home, they’re a statement of your style that add an exclamation point to your home. At least, they are when you have them made custom by the craftsmen at Board & Bolt. Check out the gallery below to get an idea of what’s possible, and fill out our contact form to see just how easy it is to get custom barn doors made for your home.

At Board & Bolt, we get excited about helping people create custom spaces that perfectly reflect their personality. That’s why we do so much custom décor. What better way to finish off the decor of a room than with floating shelves or a floating mantle? Break up the monotony of cabinets with floating shelves for your kitchen. When it comes to your living room, nothing says Christmas like a beautiful hand hewn reclaimed wood timber for a mantel. At Board & Bolt, we’re experts at making and installing custom fireplace mantles. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also add texture and character to a part of the living room that typically lacks interesting design elements. Reach out using the form below today and discover just how easy it is to bring your vision to reality!

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